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Jump Start Puppy Program


This program is designed to jump start your puppy’s training, socialization, and confidence during the most crucial time of their mental development. Give your puppy a day that is both tiring and beneficial! 

The program is designed for puppies from 10 weeks - 6 months of age. Your puppy will spend 3 days per week with the Canine Academy Family, for four consecutive weeks. A one on one follow up lesson with the owners is also included at the end of the program. 

The program includes:

*Socialization-  Positive exposure to other dogs, people, sounds, and experiences. 

*Confidence building- Age appropriate, mentally challenging tasks and exercises designed to maximize your puppies ability to problem solve and learn. 

*Engagement/Training Sessions- Show your puppy that learning is FUN! Introduction to luring, building patience/impulse control and basic foundation skills (watch, touch, name response). 

*Desensitization to Handling-  Prep your puppy for future grooming visits and/or vet appointments by intruding them early and slowly to handling including nail clipping, mild restraint and ear cleaning!

*Crate Training & Games- Encourage good crate manners early on and teach your puppy to love their safe place. 


*Field Trips! Take the show on the road and show the puppy what life has to offer. Off sight socialization opportunities under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer. 


A bomb proof dog starts with a bomb proof puppy! 

Please contact our office to enroll your puppy! 

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