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Daycare and Train

Our Daycare and train program is a unique spin on our traditional board and train program. 


Your dog will spend the day with us, and go home with you at night. During their day here they will hang out in daycare (for dog friendly dogs only) and will be pulled out multiple times a day for one on one training with one of our  dedicated trainers                                                                                                      

Daycare and Train dogs also attend "field trips" to local parks, pet stores, bike paths etc. To help solidify their new skill set in the real world. A one on one follow up lesson is provided at the end of the session to show you how to follow through at home. 


Length of stay daycare and train program depends on multiple factors and individual goals. Please contact us for more information or to sign up for this program. Except in rare circumstances dogs must be at least six months old to enroll in Daycare and Train. Looking for something for a puppy? Check out Jump Start Puppy

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