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A fun, mental and physical sport for dogs and owners to fall in love with! Teach your dog to navigate tunnels, ramps, see-saws, jumps and more!

Whether you're looking to compete, or just looking for a fun activity to do with your dog, we've got you covered! 


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes available to suit the needs of everyone and their dogs. Private lessons are also available. Classes are held in our indoor matted facility in winter, and bad weather, and in our fenced outdoor grass yard during warmer months. Come and make new friends and enjoy the fun and challenges that agility provides!


Our students have earned numerous titles on their dogs from CPE CATCH titles to AKC MACH’s.


Dogs should have basic obedience foundations before starting agility classes. Large breed dogs should be at least 16 months (usually 18 months) old, and small breeds at least 12 months old before using full height equipment. 


Have a young puppy and want to get the ball rolling? We also offer puppy agility! 

Puppy Agility


An excellent start for puppies from four to ten months of age!

We will begin working on targeting, attention, recalls, and skills on the "flat" before introducing the puppies to the equipment. All equipment in puppy agility is puppy size! 

We understand growing is hard work and we don't want to stress growing bones or joints in anyway. All equipment is scaled down to ensure a safe, positive introduction to the sport. This class is great for confidence building in shy or nervous dogs as well!

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