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Puppy Preschool

Get your puppy started off on the right paw! This course is designed for puppies of all breeds from eight to twenty weeks of age. 

The focus of puppy preschool is to create socialized, balanced and confident puppies! Puppies are exposed to things like walkers, wheelchairs, other puppies, other people, adult friendly dogs and more. 

We also begin to introduce basic obedience commands during this class including, stay, walking nice on a leash, and come when called. Owners are taught how to handle basic behavioral issues and puppy problem solve for things like play biting, jumping and housebreaking. 

A supportive and fun learning experience for you and your new family member.

This program includes four group classes. Also included will be a code for the virtual class in case you must miss a class or just need a reminder on the training.  Puppies are encouraged to become confident and well balanced dogs through a variety of different experiences and exposures.

Puppy Class at a Glance

Is puppy preschool right for your puppy? Below are the requirements for puppy preschool. Please Contact our office to discuss any questions or to sign your puppy up!

  • Four Week Session (with the option to repeat the session at no charge)
  • One hour classes. Roughly 45 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of supervised play time.
  • Ideal for puppies 8-20 weeks of age.
    • Two sets of shots required (Distemper/Parvo). Kennel Cough vaccination recommended (ask your vet). Rabies is required only for puppies older than 20 weeks of age. 
    •  Includes a free one on one consultation prior to class to discuss any behavioral issues or questions.


    We also have a Puppy Jump Start Program that will get you puppy stated off on the right paw!