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Basic Obedience Class

Our comprehensive Basic Obedience course is just that. We cover all your basics! This eight week course covers commands like Sit, Stay, Come when called, a place command and much more. In addition to working your dogs in "real life" situations we also cover any minor behavioral problems such as jumping up on people. Basic Basic obedience is ideal for dogs five months of age and older. Find out more about Basic Obedience

Rottie puppy in puppy class

Puppy Preschool

Puppy class is the perfect way to get your puppy started off on the right foot! Our course is focused on socialization, with obedience and puppy problem solving. We expose your puppy to friendly adult dogs, other people, other puppies and more! Our goal is to help you raise a confident, happy family member. Find out more about Puppy Preschool

Berner agility jump


Agility is an excellent physical and mental outlet for dogs and owners looking for something fun. Agility is a great way to build confidence in shy or nervous dogs as well. With challenging courses, and different handling techniques it's a sport that will keep you on your toes! Puppy, Beginner, and Advanced classes ensure there is a class for everyone and every level. Find out more about Agility Classes

Canine Good Citizen
Canine Good Citizen Classes and Testing (CGC)
Canine Good citizen classes are a four week course, with optional CGC testing on the fifth week. Dogs will be tested on items such as Sit, down, come when called, a stay from 20 feet away etc. Learn more about AKC's Canine Good citizen test hereAll dogs passing the test will receive a certificate from the AKC*
*Note: Both AKC and non AKC registered dogs can participate! For more information on CGC classes and testing Click Here
Nose class dog sniffing

Nose Class

Nose class gives your dog an opportunity to use his best asset, his nose! Dogs love to sniff, so why not channel it into an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with fido. Shy and nervous dogs really seem to blossom in this fun and unique class. Dogs can look for their favorite toy or treat, or a scent of your choice! Interested in sniffing out more information? Check out our fun nose classes here!

Therapy Dog Testing

Therapy Dog Prep Class

The Therapy dog class is there to prepare your dog for the therapy dog test. 

Dogs are encouraged to have a solid basic obedience background. The class offers an opportunity to practice all obedience portions of the test, as well as ask any questions or clarify any parts you are unsure about. 

To find out about our evaluators and check for upcoming testing information please visit our Therapy dog page.

To learn more about Therapy Dogs International test visit the TDI Website

Policies:  Canine Academy Inc., requires a non refundable deposit for all training programs.  Once your program has started, there will be no refunds given.

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