Did your dog do something great? Brag about it!

Agility Brags

Master Agility Champion Mocha!  Earned in October of 2016.  This is an AKC championship title.

Spy earned his Advanced Agility Dog title in USDAA in the Cato, NY trial in May 2015

Congratulations to Lillian and Louie for earning their C-ATCH 2!  Feb. 2015

Congratulations to Lisa and Echo for earning their C-ATCH 3! 

Mocha earned her Championship through USDAA!

C-ATCH Louie!! They are a hard working team, and I congratulate both of them.  When Louie first started, he had no focus and would just run around a lot. Lillian stuck with it and worked with Louie and they have done a great job.  Congratulations Lillian and Louie!

Congratulations to Donna and Anne who earned their C-ATCH in May! Sorry we’re late on the announcement! 

Jim and Mina earned their C-ATCH this weekend in agility! We have watched this team grow from puppy class to a super speedy ( and always fun to watch) agility team. Congratulations to you both! 

Mocha had a great weekend at the Over Rover trial in Cato, NY. Colleen ran her in Grand Prix, and they earned a second place.  Then with Scott:  First place in standard, qualified in jumpers, second place and super q in snooker.

Lisa and Echo attended Echo’s first AKC agility trial this weekend. Echo qualified 4 times earning three first places and one second place! His jumpers run was a quick 20 seconds! Lilly, Lisa’s other dog also earned her C-ATCH 3 in CPE. Huge congratulations!

At the February show in Ohio – Cloak earned her final Snooker Super Q with a second place. She also qualified in second place in her standard run.

Maryanna & Sadie qualified in four Level 5 Standards.  Lillian & Louie qulaified in Standard, Wildcard – twice and Colors in Level Four.  Lisa & Lilly qualified twice to earn more runs toward their C-ATCH. Victoria and Lexi qualified in four runs including one first, two second and one third placement. Jim & Mina earned two first placements in Standard at their first ever competition.

Cloak finally got her pairs run thanks to Pepi and Lady Blue, and received her Agility Dog Championship Title and Ribbon at the Over Rover USDAA trial in Cato, NY.  She also qualified in Grand Prix, took 4th in Snooker for a Super Q.  Earned 4th place in Jumpers and earned her Championship title in Jumpers.  Dagger earned third place in Grand Prix, qualified in Snooker and also qualified in Paris with Pepi and her dog Jenny. 

Continuing on her streak at the next USDAA trial in Ohio, Cloak qualified in Pairs with Dagger and Scott, jumpers, Steeplchase, and Snooker with another Super Q. The next day she qualified in Standard, Snooker and Jumpers. Dagger qualified in Pairs and Snooker. She is still looking great at 11 years of age!

At the Happy Tails USDAA trial, Cloak earned her Bronze Snooker Champion title.  Dagger earned her Bronze Gamblers Champion title.

At the NADAC Trial Victoria and Lexi earned Second Place in Jumpers and Tunnelers. Lillian & Louie earned Six First Place and One Second Place with numerous titles. Michelle & Cassie earned Four First Place Ribbons. Lisa & Lilly earned Six First Place and Four Second Place ribbons and numerous titles. Lisa & Echo earned Four First Place and One Second Place Ribbon for Echo’s first trial. Congratulations to all!

At the USDAA trial in Cato, NY, Colleen & Cloak earned their Third Team leg, and a Grand Prix to get their Bronze Tournament Title. They also earned a Gamblers leg to get the Bronze Gambler Title. Cloak also qualified in Snooker and Jumpers and Pairs.  Scott and Dagger qualified in Team too, and earned a pairs leg.

At AKC trial in Conneaut Lake, Cloak qualified in fast twice, earning second place. She also qualified in jumpers with a First and Fifth place, and in Time 2 Beat winning the class. Dagger qualified with a first in Fast, Time 2 Beat, and Standard.

Obedience Brags

Alex and Felon earned their Companion Dog AKC title in March of 2015.

Alex and Felon earned their BH 10/25 at Empire Working Dog Club! Congratulations!!

At the January obedience show in Hamburg, NY, Alex and Lukea earned his CD title.  Barb and Rukus earned a Utility A leg with a First Place.  Barb & Nitro finished their Novice B title with a Third Place. Gail & Jagger earned a Rally Novice leg with a First Place. Ann & Winnie earned their CD Title. 

Barb and Ruckus earned their Companion Dog Excellent title this past weekend (9/17/11).  Congratulations to both of them!

Barb and her Doberman Ruckus completed their Canadian Companion Dog Title in three consecutive trials in St. Catherines in April of 2011.  Their scores were 193 1/2, 189 and a run off for First Place with a score of 197. They just missed out on high in trial by a 1/2 point!  Congratulations to both of them.

Barb and Ruckus (Doberman) earned their BH April 30th. The BH (Begleithund) is a companion dog, traffic sureness test. They competed on April 30th at the United Doberman Club National IPO Trial in Newburgh, NY.

At the Obedience Show in Romulus, NY, Barb and Ruckus completed their CD title with a score of 195 and a Second Place – congratulations!

Barb and Ruckus and Jet also placed second in the Brace Class.

Arya and Nicholas qualified with a 3rd place to get their first leg towards their CD Title.

Rally Brags

Alex and Lukea competed at the AKC Rally National Championship in Harrisburg PA. They earned a 99/100 on their first run and a 98/100 on their second. Finishing 12th overall. Congratulations!

Gretchen and Tayto earned their RN title this weekend! They also earned one leg towards their Rally advanced title with a first place! Great job guys!

Lukea and Alex earn their Rally Novice title in Syracuse NY on Easter Sunday. Way to go guys! 

Congratulations to the following for their qualifying legs in the Obedience & Rally Trial in Hamburg, NY.

At the Western Lakes Obedience Show in September, Barb and Ruckus earned two legs toward their Rally Novice Title with a score of 97 and a second place and a score of 100 (perfect score!) and first place.

Kathy & Molly – Rally Advanced – 1st leg with a Second Place.

Ann & Alexandra & Darcy earned two Novice Rally Legs and their Title.

Maria and Annie Earned Rally Novice Legs.

Tom earned two more Rally Legs with one of Maria’s Alaskan Malamutes.

Kathy & Molly qualified with a 2nd and 3rd place and received their Rally Advanced Title.

Tom and Cajun qualified in Rally twice and received their Rally Novice Title.

At the Niagara Fall Kennel Club Obedience Show, Barb and Ruckus earned a perfect score of 100 to complete their Rally Novice Title.

Barb and Rukus scored 100 in Rally Novice.

Kathy and Molly earned their Rally Excellent Title.  Congratulations!

Bullet, an Alaskan malamute who is currently enrolled in our Rally Obedience Class, placed second at the Alaskan Malamute Nationals in Colorado, earning a score of 94.  Congratulations to Maria and Bullet.